Business Basics

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(Understanding how small businesses work is the first step to becoming a successful marketer. In this course, you’ll gain valuable insight into the inner workings of small businesses.)

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of local economies. This introductory course gives you an insight into the inner workings of small businesses.

Target Markets

The ability to identify target markets is an important skill for any marketer. In this lesson, you’ll learn about target markets, demographics, market research and psychographics

Niche Markets

Every mass market consists of several smaller sub-markets called niches. In this lesson, you’ll learn about niche markets and why they are so important for marketers.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is what makes a business different from all other competitors in the market. After completing this course, you’ll know the steps and strategies involved in creating a compelling value proposition.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis framework is a must-know for any marketer. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use a SWOT analysis to discover new opportunities for your business.

Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map defines every step that customer goes through when interacting with a business. This lesson shows you how to develop a customer journey map that delivers positive results.

Business Growth

Every business goes through a series of distinct stages before becoming successful. This lesson walks you through the five critical stages of business growth.